Faith, Love, & Powdered Sugar Welcomes You

At Faith, Love, & Powdered Sugar you’ll find the tastiest baked goods around. From warm and fluffy to decadent and dreamy, we’ve got the recipe for a truly sweet day. We see the smiles that our treats bring to everyone who orders from us. We are an online bakery that runs off of Faith, Love, & Powdered Sugar! We welcome you  to browse around the website for your sweetest desires!

About Us

Our bakery was founded on 3 main principles. Our first principle of course would be Faith. Without faith nothing would be possible. Without faith our owner would have never tried to pursue this dream.

Our second principle would be Love. You can never do/build something without love. You have to love what you do to make it a success and that applies to everything in life. Love will/can conquer all.

Our third principle would be Powdered Sugar. We think of powdered sugar as our 3rd foundation, of course because you couldnt build a decadent buttercream without it. 

We put all these things together and that's how Faith, Love, & Powdered Sugar was born.

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Opening Hours

Thursdays,Fridays & Saturdays are the only available pick up days.

Saturdays are when deliveries will be sent.

Big orders must be placed 2 weeks in advance.

** When placing an order for pickup for a later date please change your option from specific time to ASAP. In the special requests tab please type the Day and Time you would like to pick up your order. The website will only let you pick specific times 3 days out.  Sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused. Bear with us as we work this kink out

Mon-Friday: 11am - 7:00pm

Thurs-Fri: 2pm-6:00pm (Pick Up Times)

Sat: 4pm- 7:00pm (Pick Up Time)

Sun: Closed

"Blessed is the man who trust in the Lord"

~Jeremiah 17:7

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